Winintec based on the words of ‘Win’, ‘in(인: human)’, and ‘tec’, means that we benefit humans with technology.

Recently, due to the high performance and high integration of electronic products, signal/power noise and timing problems have emerged, and design technology to solve them is essential. 

Winintec has the best design technology in the SI/PI/EMI/RFI field, and all members are constantly researching and developing with the commitment to always make the best products. In connection with academia, we are developing new technologies with high utilization. We has product design experience at Samsung Electronics and research experience at KAIST Tera-Lab. Based on these experiences, we respond to various needs of customers and provide total solutions in the design field. 

Winintec will continue to lead the high-speed design industry through continuous research and development, and make every effort to grow into a more trusted company and exceed the expectations for the brand of Winintec. 

Thank you.

Deogsoo Kang

CEO of Winintec